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The cutest little thing…

22 Feb

After a busy weekend at home, I was kind of glad to get back to university for some chilled out time. Should be the other way round, I know.

My friend Lisa from home got a new puppy last week for her birthday and I went back home to meet him (and see my friends).  He is soooo cute, I just had to put a picture of him on here. He’s called Bailey, he’s only 8 weeks old and he has already learned ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ in a week.

As soon as I walked through the door he ran up to me, laid down and went straight to sleep.

the cutest little face.

But, after spending some much loved time with him at the weekend, I am now back at university to get my thinking head on.

and today certainly has been a real ‘thinking’ day. In our university seminar this morning our tutor brought in a 21 year old, 3rd year student studying PR to talk to us about publicizing our university blogs.

Turns out she had an inspirational life story to tell us! She has had such a difficult life, but is now doing extremely well as a high grade student and working for a PR company.

Her name is Hayley Toothill so follow her on Twitter…. here

and take a look at her blog….here

Not only did Hayley have an amazing story to tell about her life but she also taught us a lot about blogging and how to invite more readers to our sites. She even mentioned our university blog site in her own blog, which was great. 🙂



a bit of good news…

8 Feb

This week I also found out the mark I got for my Applied Project, (the equivalent to a dissertation) which I spent the whole of last semester working on.

My project was on fashion journalism and I absolutely loved doing it.

As part of my project I created a weekly blog: shufashion.wordpress.com

Please have a look if you want to find out about the work I did on my project or if you’re interested in some more general fashion blogging.

Anyway, the grade I got for my fashion project was a……

which I’m extremely happy about.

Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come for me in the fashion journalism world.

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