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a bit of writing and a bit of shopping…

4 Mar

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This week I’ve been extremely busy organising things for our university website, Silhouette. Take a look now for your dose  of fashion, beauty, health and fitness…

I’m writing various different articles for the site so am wanting some interviews to go with them. So, I’ve been contacting people trying to organise these interviews; which is more trouble than it seems as people tend to not respond or take a very long time too. I’ve also been out vox popping people about topics, which is also difficult as it’s very hard to find people willing to talk into a Marantz (a voice recording machine).

But, I did manage to do a spot of shopping too, which had to be done really. After all of that I just wanted to get home, sit down and have a cup of tea. Sound like an old woman!

I was really impressed with Primark. There was so much that I wanted to buy. I do find that with Primark; sometimes I don’t like anything, and other times I want absolutely everything. It’s a bit hit and miss for me. Course you can always rely on Primani for jewellery, underwear and shoes….all accessories really.

This is what I bought….

At £8 I could hardly go wrong with this pleated colour block skirt. Although I did get it home, try it on and it was minuscule on me, even though it was my normal size. Strange! I couldn’t even get it over my knees. So, I am traipsing back to Primark to get a bigger size. Think it will look nice as a high waisted skirt, plus it’s a bit different so wanted to give it a try.


This horse patterned  dress was only £5. I couldn’t believe it. It will make a nice summer dress, or to wear casually with some tights and a waist belt, or even on a night out with some heels. Three outfits in one!

This cute little floral heart shaped necklace was only £1.50 and these three rings were just £2.50. I didn’t really like the cream one as it looks a bit tacky with a diamante in the center of it, but that one broke anyway when I got it home, so it didn’t really matter.

Overall I was very pleased with my 4 purchases, only coming to a grand total of £17. I can’t justify spending that on one item,…but 4 items I can!


I had my first physio appointment this morning…..and I can drive again. wooohooo. I am so happy. I miss my little car. I have some exercises to do 20 times a day and probably won’t ever be able to straighten my arm again, but least it’s not vital in life!

I also went to buy 2 more Soap and Glory things today, I am slightly addicted. After getting absolutely loads for Christmas, I could open up my own shop.

and that’s not it all…

I’ve got this back at my uni house, plus some more things which I’ve got 2 of.

Think I’ve got enough to last me at least a year!

Look out for interviews on http://misssilhouette.wordpress.com/ with BBC’s ‘The Clothes Show’ presenter, Caryn Franklin, Plus size model, Katie Green and CH4’s Beauty and the Beast psychiatrist, Dr Laxmi Kathuria! Coming Soon…


Trend No.1 for S/S 11

3 Feb

Finally the summer is approaching us and I cannot wait. The summer is my favourite time of the year. You can sit in pub gardens sipping on a white wine spritzer. You can wear big sunglasses. You can go for picnics. You can sit outside at night. You can have lots of BBQ’s. But most importantly you can get a whole new wardrobe.

But what are the trends for the summer season?

Colour….and lots of it. Blocks of colour all clashed together is well on trend, so don’t worry about colour co-ordination, if you’re daring enough, just go for it and clash them all together.

Picture taken from Vogue

I’ve put together a few of my own suggestions, so you can be on trend and in colour this summer…


Blue Scallop Hem Shorts from Topshop at £34

Peach Miss KG Minnie Bow Front Platform Heeled Court Shoes from ASOS at £85

Lime Irregular Bead Set from Wallis at £12.50

Fuschia Exposed Zip Back Vest from Topshop at £28

Bright Blue Cape Sleeve Top from Warehouse at £50

Orange Oversize Square Metal Arm Sunglasses from Topshop at £18

Yellow Covered Lock Clutch Bag from ASOS at £12


Ochre Viscose Vest from Miss Selfridge at £12

Coral Flower Corsage from Dorothy Perkins at £7.50

Green Pleated Ruffle Blouse from ASOS at £30

Spice Belted Button Mac from New Look at £32.99

Dirty Cherry Elliah Dress from All Saints at £45

Peach Chino Trousers from Topshop at £36


If you like any of the items above, just click on the picture to take a closer look.

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