A weekend in Brentford Town…

8 Feb

I spent this weekend visiting my boyfriend in Brentford, London. I had a really good weekend. We stayed in a holiday inn (which I had no idea were so nice), got taken out for meals with my boyfriend and his parents, went to their family friend’s party AND also got to see the sights of Brentford. It was lovely.

I arrived in London and got the tube to Oxford Street to wait for him to finish work. Obviously to kill some time, I browsed the shops and ended up buying these…

These were from Miss Selfridge and as they were offering 20% off for students I got them for £17.60.

After he had finished work we got the long tube journey out to South Ealing and then a bus to Brentford to the family friend’s house he is staying at- one of which is a Michelin star chef. We had a lovely home made curry, he gathered his things and we made our way to our hotel.

We had a nice relaxing night, watching TV in our room and then having some drinks at the bar. We woke up Saturday, got ready and then had a walk around Brentford. His parents and sister were joining us on the Saturday so we could all go to the party together so we waited for them to arrive.

We then made our way to the party which was in a little pub in Chiswick. We arrived at about 3 and were drinking and chatting until 10…it was a very long day. After the party we then went to a nice Indian restaurant, ate some more food, drank some more wine and then made it back to the Holiday Inn for a nice sleep.

The Sunday was pretty much more of the same. We went to an Italian restaurant across the river from the hotel and ate some more and drank some more, before making our way home later that evening.

A very unhealthy but equally good weekend 🙂

Here’s a few snaps….


One Response to “A weekend in Brentford Town…”

  1. Lol! I live in Brentford, and was curious to see if anybody here would ever mention the place, apart from the football club.

    You actually stayed close to where I live. It was quite funny to see that you had a walk around Brentford. I always head out of Brentford when I go for a walk, as there isn’t so much to see.

    However, there have been recent riverside developments in the last few years, as you saw and experienced. And I’m pleased that you had an enjoyable weekend. 🙂

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