Snog Marry Avoid?

31 Jan

Sitting round my friends on a Friday night watching Snog Marry Avoid is what we did this weekend….we do like to live on the wild side.

If not all of you know, Snog Marry Avoid is a programme on BBC3 where a robot like machine called ‘Pod’ changes people’s looks, well basically improves them. Girls who are extremely ‘fake’ usually end up on the show and once Pod has made the changes, they end up looking pretty and natural, removing of all the falseness.

Anyway, we ended up watching this very odd couple who seemed to dress like they were out of Alice in Wonderland. Pod changed their looks and made them look far more modern…but they hated their new looks so were rejected and ended up keeping their extravagant styles.

Here they are….the ‘in love’ couple, Emma and Rob.

Coincidentally, having watched this the night before, as I was walking around the shoe department in Topshop London the next day….there was Emma sitting on the stools. My friend and I couldn’t believe it. She was still wearing an extravagant outfit, but without the bows and other accessories in her hair. We did hover around to see if we could see her boyfriend, but sadly she left and he wasn’t to be seen.

Click here to see a video of the strangely dressed couple on the programme.


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