A little trip to a girls heaven…

31 Jan

I decided to pop back home this weekend…and I’m very glad I did.

As my friend was going to London town for the day on Saturday to meet up with some friends, I used it as an opportunity to have a nice day out with him, to do a bit of shopping on Oxford Street and to also visit my boyfriend who’s working there at the minute.

So, we jumped on a train Saturday afternoon and made our way to Laaaandaaaan.

Here’s me on the train wearing my H & M leopard print scarf, my Topshop cream rose border vest, black H & M cardigan and my Topshop leggings. Oh, and my nice white full length arm cast from ‘Hospital’.

As we got to London we thought we would catch the tube to Camden Town and had a drink in a pub called ‘The World’s End’. It was a very big pub, with a lot of different people in it….which makes London the fascinating place it is – the variety of different people in it.

After our little stop off at Camden we headed to Oxford Circus. Obviously, the first place I wanted to go was Topshop…which is what I would call a girl’s heaven. As we crossed the road over to Topshop, we saw lots of police vans, policemen with helmets on and a police helicopter in the sky. We walked into Topshop and just as we entered, a line of policeman stood outside the doors, stopping anyone from entering or leaving.

I was baffled, but I was too excited to hang around so I went off to start my shopping.

Next thing a tannoy announcement said, “For your own safety, please do not exit the store using the main exit. Please find a member of staff to guide you to a fire exit.”

I then heard one girl say to her friend, “Apparently loads of protesters are planning on coming in and smashing up the whole of Topshop.”

I felt quite scared after I heard her say that, as who could do such a thing to such a pretty place. But I carried on shopping and ended up buying these two tops…


I bought the blue exposed zip back vest for £28 and the red floral zip pocket vest for £30.

But thanks to student discount I got the two for £52.20!


After an hour of wondering around the store, we were now allowed to leave out of the main exit. Police were still guarding the doors and as we walked out there were a line of protesters sitting on the floor. It seemed like there were a lot of police for the amount of protesters, as there didn’t seem to be many. Turns out they were campaigning against Philip Green, the owner of Topshop about his tax avoidance.

Click here to read more about the story from December 4th 2010 when over 200 protesters took over the Topshop store.

Click here to see a video from 29th January when they aimed to do the same thing, but thankfully failed with the amount of police around, all ready and prepared.

But, after all that it was an enjoyable day.  🙂


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